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The best LinkedIn Experts International 2022 / 2023

TOP 50 LinkedIn Index Experts International 2022 / 2023

Who are the best LinkedIn experts in the world?

This is exactly the task we dedicated ourselves to, because we all spend a lot of time here on LinkedIn.

The top 50 LinkedIn experts belong in every network!

With pride, we say we know almost all of them and have been following some for many years. Before we introduce the Top 50 Global LinkedIn Index Experts to you, we would like to talk about these points:

Nomination & Calculation


All participating LinkedIn experts were nominated – so we could not influence.


All experts are evaluated according to the same 10 criteria these are:


The 10 criteria:

1. recommendations

2. knowledge

3. number of followers

4. articles written

5. newsletters written

6. newsletter subscribers

7. followers of the company page

8. articles on the company page

9. followers of the newsletter from the company page

10. service recommendations

These 10 points are important for all LinkedIn users and are the foundation for reaching success on LinkedIn. The 10 criteria are the basics that the experts should master and work on a daily basis. So do you (everybody)

That is why not all nominees will be found in the index.

Here you find the nominees

With a survey we decided that the experts have to reach a minimum of points. Since we wanted to create a TOP 50 list. (We got over 100 nominees)

Who are the TOP 10 OF THE TOP 50?

2. Brenda Meller

3. Joe Apfelbaum

4. Richard van der Blom

5. Jo Saunders

6. Bob McIntosh

7. Jeff Young

8. Bobby Umar

9. John Espirian

10. Justin Welsh

There are only 14 points between 2nd and 10th place! 

On June 1, 2023, this ranking will certainly have changed and improved, because now the LinkedIn experts know how this is calculated and can work on there Index to improve it.

Nr. 1 is missing ? Right check here:




You know a LinkedIn expert who should also be on this index?

Then comment with his name here and we will check it for the next edition.

Here you find the nominees


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Experts who didn’t make the 30 Points cut, but worth following:



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